How to attract the money you need
for the things you want

Would you love to invest more in yourself but you can’t afford it?

Does worry about money stop you from buying what you really want?

Do you constantly sacrifice yourself because it costs too much to live the lifestyle you long for?

Most people believe they worry about spending money because they don’t have enough of it. They don’t realise that it’s down to inner blockages around money.

Old beliefs and thought patterns, often inherited from your family, can literally prevent you from making more money.

Your lack of self worth or even self love can make it impossible for you to have more, although you’re clearly capable of earning it. 

Even if you have money you may struggle to invest in yourself because it makes you feel guilty or selfish for spending money on you. 

But how crazy is that?

Doesn’t it make sense for you to learn
how to afford what you really want,
so you can invest in your most valuable asset -

Can you imagine...?

...knowing that money is your friend?

...that it’s here to help you?

...that there’s plenty of it around you all the time?

...and that once you know how to access it you can find more of it when you need it?

It sounds like a fantasy and yet it’s worked for other people so it could also work for you. 

The good news is that you don’t have to go and find a new job, ask for a pay rise or go into debt to change the situation. This is an internal problem, not an external problem. When you change your inner state and release your blockages your outer situation follows and will change too. 

Listen to these comments made by people who’ve done the program and imagine yourself having the same experience.

"I actually LOVE money, I have seriously improved my energetic love of money and how it ebbs and flows through and around me. As I write this I can feel its energy in love and how much fun it is, like bubbles in a good champagne.”  Tracey Hynes

"Unexpected windfall at the end of a project. So a lump sum of money and two days free a week to pursue another project I've been wanting to start.” Rachel Fin

"I spend about 10 mins every day dreaming and imagining what I want my life and business to be like. Simply doing that and setting an intention has made me spot opportunities and talk to others about what I want - opening doors.”  Pam

Plug into the energy of money

Money is energy and works by the rules of energy. Once you understand how it works you can plug into it and play with it in a way that's impossible when you're afraid of it. It doesn't need to be a source of misery or constant worry. Discover how to make money your friend.

Let go of anxiety about your finances

Sitting around thinking about money, debt and the possibility of financial failure is the worst thing you can do if you want greater prosperity in the future. But there are really useful things you can do, some of which are counter-intuitive, that will help you build your wealth, whatever your starting point.

Find a path of enjoyment and fun with money

There's no point in ruining your life for the sake of money. It's actually easier to create more wealth when you're enjoying life and having fun than when you work too hard and take it too seriously. This is not irresponsible advice. It's worked for many people - some of whom were very serious about money before.

It works

A simple tweak in your energy around money creates a shift in your finances. But it's most powerful when you keep making those tweaks over and over again. Money is a system that links human beings together and allows us to exchange services and share our creativity easily and expansively. When you understand the power of this energy you're free to develop true prosperity - financial abundance combined with happiness and fulfilment.

The Energy of Money is a 7 day online program that  transforms your relationship with money.

Who's it for?

This workshop is most definitely for you if you...

  • Experience anxiety or worry about money (whether you're wealthy or not)
  • Feel your life is limited by your attitude towards money
  • Feel money is bad, negative or immoral but would really like more of it
  • Have any financial blockage
  •  Are afraid of losing the wealth you've created so far
  • Would love to enjoy money more
  • Want to experience financial freedom
  • Want true prosperity (wealth + happiness + fulfilment)
  • Want to connect with the energy of money
  • Need to shift your relationship with money

What will you get?

  • Deeper understanding of the energy of money so you can play with it more
  • Principles about how money really works which will give you better financial results
  • More ease and relaxation which means it's less of a struggle to make money
  • Release financial blockages
  • Explore how to attract money through happiness
  • Learn to love money more
  • Create a healthy relationship with money
  • A personal connection with the energy of money
  • Some people will get financial results from this program. Others will take longer but will still benefit. 

What's included in the program?

7 x 30 minute energy activations about money. These will help you connect with money and experience greater abundance and appreciation of the generosity of life. It's this kind of attitude that makes money easier to attract in the long term.

7 x 20 minute podcasts. These short talks demystify the energy of money and teach you practical principles that will change the way you act in your financial life. The result - more money, more enjoyment, less anxiety and worry.

Recordings. The whole program is recorded and you can keep it for life. You can expect the energy activations and the lectures to be very valuable for repeat listening. 

Your Bonuses

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Bonus no 1

5 Day Energy Charge

This is a program to teach you how to relax so you're more receptive and have more energy. It's the foundation skill for the entire Energy of Money program. Sarah leads you in a series of 5 special guided relaxations that you can listen to over and over again.

Usually sells for $25

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Bonus no 2

Facebook Community

Interact with other people who have similar questions to you, help each other and ask Sarah for guidance. The community will last long after the course is over, so  make as much of it as you can.

Value $200

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Final Bonus

Extended Edition of Love Money, Money Loves You

This PDF version of Sarah's book has around 100 more pages than the published version. Currently the only people who've read it are a few of her private clients, friends and family. It's not available anywhere else and you can come back to it time and time again, as Sarah has herself, to learn and grow your relationship with the energy of money.

Value: $25 (and priceless)

Your guarantee

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If for any reason you're not satisfied with this course you can request a refund up to 30 days after purchase and we'll be happy to return your money.

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Your instructor

Sarah McCrum

Hi, I’m Sarah. I'm here to help you wake up to your true self and teach you how to master your personal energy. This is the way to create inner freedom and prevent burning out. 

Ultimately my goal is for you to have an outstanding personal and business life - combining success (on your terms) with happiness, inner peace and purpose.

My work is driven by an overarching mission question: “How can you and I be fully human in the face of the exponential growth in technology and machine intelligence?” I believe this is the most important question of the 21st century.

My programs and coaching help you to answer that question for yourself and open up your greatest potential as a human being. 

It all starts with exploring your energy.


What if I'm really struggling with money?

Everyone can create a better relationship with money by learning more about it. Some people will get quicker results than others - that's normal. But if you're determined and keep on learning it will work for you too. Money works by principles. You lack money because you don't understand how it works and how to work with it. Once you understand it becomes easier and you get better results.

What if I've already created wealth in my life? Is it still suitable?

I've taught these principles to very successful and wealthy people and it's changed their lives. It's put an end to worry and anxiety about losing their wealth; enabled them to work less hard without losing money; given them greater enjoyment and appreciation of their wealth and family life; helped them to become more aware of the power to do good by becoming wealthy; and helped them raise significant amounts of capital. I believe we all need to have a healthy connection with the energy of money, however wealthy we are already.

What are Energy Activations?

The energy activations are deeply relaxing, meditative audio recordings helping you to experience the energy of money directly. Each activation explores a specific topic related to money. You listen with your eyes closed. You don't need to do anything except relax.

How long are the Energy Activations?

30 minutes

How often should I listen?

It’s best to listen to one activation each day. Early morning is good but any other time of day is also fine.

What if I get stuck?

This a program for shifting the parts of your financial life that aren’t working well and enhancing the parts that are already great. It can bring up some resistance and change is not always comfortable.

If you have any questions send an email and ask for help. It's the fastest way to get unstuck.

What are the +20s?

The +20s are 20 minute talks that expand on the energy activations. You can listen to them in the car or while doing something else.

How to get the most out of the group coaching?

  • Relax while you’re listening.
  • Switch off your analytical brain. It’s useful in other situations, but not here.
  • Ask questions and join in.
  • Ask for help if you have challenges with money.
  • Listen to them again later.

I’m a complete beginner. Will I be able to do this?

Yes. It's easy because you just need to sit and listen. It's a way to start the day with focus, inspiration and energy, but there's no work and nothing difficult to do. It's been designed for busy people who don't need anything more on their plate. You can also ask for support at any time. We’re here to help you get results.