The challenge is simple


Relax for 20 minutes a day for 30 days.


By listening to a recording of a guided Energy Relaxation on your computer or phone.


So you can feel good at work and at home (and if you already feel good, you can feel even better).

If you feel better you'll achieve more, be a better partner/lover/parent/friend and be happier.

Energy Pod

By the way, companies like Google have Relaxation Pods for their key team members. These are special relaxation capsules where they can go to relax and recharge their energy, because it's impossible to do good work if you're stressed or out of energy.

Relaxing is a simple way to get rid of stress and boost your energy.

If you think about it, stress causes you to lose energy in many ways. Physically it can make you tired and prevent you from sleeping well. Emotionally it can make you feel nervous, worried, angry and many other unpleasant feelings. Mentally it stops you from being focused, clear and sharp in your thinking. 

All these affect other people as well as you, so there's a knock-on effect of stress to your family, colleagues, customers and others.

By taking the 30 day Energy Challenge you can restore all that energy so you feel good physically and emotionally and are able to perform really well mentally. It's a bit like having a great massage every day.

Essentially it helps you be on top of your game, both personally and professionally.

What other people say

"After 30 days of (Sarah's) daily guided relaxation I have enough energy for my life and my life is so much more balanced. I have softened and opened up and my relationship with my husband improved (I made him do the challenge with me), my relationship with my children improved and my satisfaction with my work improved. I have also achieved a lot of physical clearing in my home and body and enjoy more time with friends. I will be repeating the 30 day challenge to keep working at improving my sleep/fatigue and look forward to doing the 100 day challenge in the near future. Thank you Sarah, you have saved my life." Lorraine Hayward, lawyer, Australia

“I was getting sick from too much work and not looking after myself. I thought running myself into the ground was the only way to do business. Sarah has showed me a different way and path. She has taught me how to relax.” Vicky, entreprneur, London, UK

"Before my relaxation I'm ready to pick an argument with my husband and ready to leave him I'm so angry ... Then I do a half hour meditation and feel all tingly and so full off compassion (he has a stressful job which is why he's so rude and cranky) that I want to give him a massage. Strangely I feel I can share my healing with him. Of course it works too and he is then kinder to me." AC, Project Manager, Australia

"I hadn't found time to do relaxations for a few days and finally back into it tonight. Was feeling that old familiar darkness surround me ... After writing in my journal and a short relaxation I am feeling all tingly and ready for happy dreams. Sleep well everyone. Warm Regards Alice"

About Sarah McCrum

The Energy Relaxations are recordings made by Sarah McCrum. She trained with Chinese Energy Masters for 22 years and has been teaching business leaders to take care of their energy since 1999. She's worked with companies like Virgin Media, HP, Dow Jones, Bank of America and many small business owners. All of them improved their performance by learning how to relax and recharge their energy every day. Now she's put all this experience into a 30 day challenge so you can do it at home or at work (or anywhere else) and get the same benefits.


What is Energy Relaxation?

It's a special way of relaxing that recharges your energy as well as relaxing your body and mind. It's something the Chinese have been expert in for thousands of years. It's slowly being recognised now by western science and business that it's even more important to manage our energy than to manage our time and we do this by being relaxed.

In the recordings Sarah leads you into a natural state of being very relaxed. Her voice is very relaxing and it's simple. You don't need to do anything except listen lightly - you might even fall asleep and that's fine. You'll wake up again at the end.

It has a totally different effect from our normal type of relaxation - watching TV, having a glass of wine, reading a book. It can feel amazing - some people say they've never felt this good in their entire life. It's not hypnosis.

Will it make me sleepy?

Most people feel energised and alert after relaxing.

Sometimes, if you're very tired, relaxing can make you feel sleepy. Actually you just stop controlling yourself so you can feel how tired you are. Even if this happens, it's still recharging your energy and most people will feel better after 20 minutes.

Occasionally, if you're very exhausted internally, you may feel sleepy for longer. If I'm honest with you, this is a good thing. It's very damaging to your health to get so exhausted, and you need to relax more than anyone else. If you do it every day, you will soon find yourself having more energy and more rest than you have in a long time, so persist.

Is it the same as meditation?

It's similar but not exactly the same. They are both valuable.

  • In meditation you often have to sit very upright whereas it's better to sit back in a very comfortable chair for Energy Relaxation.
  • Meditation often asks you to focus on something (maybe your breath or to observe your thoughts and feelings) whereas in Energy Relaxation you are encouraged to completely let go of any concentration or focus so you can relax totally.
  • Meditation is very beneficial but people who do both say Energy Relaxation is more powerful for health, clearing the mind and boosting energy as well as giving deep physical relaxation.

Can anyone do it?

Relaxation benefits everyone (stress is not good for any of us, although it can be a good thing to experience some pressure). If you have a serious illness you should consult your doctor before doing the program, because sometimes symptoms get worse before they get better. Take it gently in this case - short relaxations to begin with and build up slowly over a long period of time.

When should I relax?

The ideal time is first thing in the morning to prepare you for the day. It's also good to relax before you go to sleep or at lunchtime. But it really doesn't matter. Doing it is what's important. Any time is good.

What effect will it have?

When you relax every day it cleans out the energy systems of the body. Mostly it will make you feel lighter, happier and more at ease. You may experience having way more energy than usual. It helps you feel relaxed in social situations and also if you have work challenges. You can find you get on better with other people and relationships become easier. Sometimes you'll find yourself doing things without any effort whatsoever - it's a wonderful feeling.

This is essentially a detox process, so it's also normal to experience some detoxing effects. For example you may feel under the weather for a few days, experience some symptoms of old illnesses or feel some aches and pains in your body. You may also feel emotionally sensitive for a few days. This is a process of releasing old energy you no longer need.

The interesting thing is that once these detox effects have passed you feel so much better than before. It's really worth the temporary discomfort. It's like something heavy has been removed from your body so you feel more relaxed inside.

What's the best way to do it?

The biggest challenge is making sure you do it every day, especially if you're very busy - just remember that being more relaxed makes busy times so much easier.

Here are some great ways to do the challenge and keep on track:

  • Get a group of friends to start it together and keep each other accountable.
  • Organise your team at work to do the challenge together and see how much more productive you all become (as well as a lot more fun).
  • Get together once a week with some friends and listen to one of the recordings as a group - it's more powerful that way, as well as giving you something new to talk about. Do it on your own in between.
  • Do it as a family and get the kids involved. It's amazing when kids relax. It may be a bit chaotic for the first week or two as their energy shifts around, but after that they will settle down. I've seen shy children come out of their shell and noisy children calm down, simply from relaxing every day.
  • Do it on your own and keep a daily journal to track your changes (there may be some downs as well as ups).
  • Download the Energy Relaxations onto your phone and grab some time in a bus, taxi, dentist waiting room or park to relax and recharge on the go.

What do I need?

You just need a smart phone or computer. Some earphones are useful and a very comfortable chair or some well-placed cushions make it a much better experience. It's great not to be disturbed if possible.