This course gives you a really simple way of recovering quickly after you have an argument or disagreement with someone, especially if it leaves you feeling triggered or upset. You can use it for personal and professional relationships.

Once you master this approach you'll find yourself able to apply it quickly and effectively, sometimes even in mid-argument. It totally changes the way you feel and allows you to make peace quickly - and make friends again as well.

It's quick to learn and easy to remember.

By the end of this course you will have learned how to recover from a disagreement or argument in any relationship (personal or professional).
  • You will learn a simple 5 step process to open your heart and make peace in any relationship.
  • You will learn how to take a different perspective that unites people and makes relationships work much better.
  • You will learn how to connect with the other person so you can cooperate with each other again.
  • You will learn how to let go of feeling hurt and be loving again.
  • You will learn how to do all of this sincerely, in a way that transforms the relationship.

This is what some other people have said about this 5 step method.

Yesterday I took Sarah’s webseminer. She taught us "5 Steps To Save Your Relationships” yesterday. Actually I had a bad situation in the office. Everybody was not harmonized emotionally as a team. But after listening your 5 steps and changed my state of my heart and way of thinking. Everybody in the team changed the bad emotion today!! And I feel the project goes smooth and alive again. Sarah’s 5 steps really works amazingly!!! Sarah’s method based on energy is very unique .And it works with less effort than usual method. Kazuhiro Katsuki on Facebook.

Sarah , my mother and I are still reaping the rewards of your Open Your Heart sessions. Thank you. Shannon Barger (from Facebook)

"But there are times in my life when I've felt so abandoned by friends and lovers. And in this recurring perception of whatever the real reality was, I have sat in isolated fear and insecurities too many times. Until last week, when I listened to a hugely helpful webinar with Sarah McCrum. Within this webinar, I was pushed to realize I've been abandoning myself all this time. And I will no longer allow this to happen. I don't need to know the roots of this abandonment stuff, all I need to do is realize my perceptions are not reality and I choose to no longer abandon myself." anon from Facebook.

About the instructor

Sarah McCrum

Hi, I’m Sarah. I teach people how to care for their personal energy so they never burn out. Ultimately my goal is for you to have an outstanding personal and business life - combining success with happiness and inner peace.

I trained with Chinese masters for 22 years, spent 10 years making radio programmes for the BBC and in 2000 I created a business that brought this knowledge to thousands of leaders of large and small businesses in London (including Virgin Media, HP, the global leaders of banks and financial institutions and many others).

I now live in Melbourne, Australia, and I coach 7 figure business owners and their teams, along with leaders in some large corporations.

What's included?

5 Videos
7 Texts
2.0 hrs

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