Create A Psychoactive Map Of Your Life To Guide The Development Of Your Greatest Potential

  • Reveal your fullest potential as a human being
  • Spontaneously activate your development as a lightbearer
  • Uncover the direction of your personal contribution to humanity
  • Integrate all aspects of your life into an increasingly harmonious experience

Part 1: Orientation

Take personal responsibility for your unique challenge at this point in evolution.

Understand your extraordinary and unprecedented opportunity for individual contribution.

Clarify key global goals.

Identify essential questions that most quickly develop your potential.

Benefits of Part 1

Feel empowered to take action that has a significant impact on the world.

Stop wasting time.

Develop your personal spiritual and moral autonomy.

Ask powerful questions that lead to powerful answers and solutions.

Part 2: Base map

Define who you are and who you could become.
Recognise the power and freedom of radical self-honesty and radical self-responsibility.
Understand your opportunity for personal greatness.
Explore the essential multiple intelligences of human life.
Examine the key skills and capacities required for greatness and fulfilment.
Benefits of Part 2
Gain inner peace by knowing who you are and letting go of any need to hide from or delude yourself or others.
See clearly where your key skills and capacities are effective and where they need to be strengthened.
Feel connected with your unique personal potential for outstanding achievement and contribution.

Part 3: Longitude

Integrate the masculine principle in your journey as a lightbearer
Understand the radical implications of new research into psychoactivity, neuroplasticity and energy.
Find your personal orientation and direction on the map of human consciousness.
Assess your level of development across the key areas of your life.
Discover the key expansion points that will most efficiently speed up your development.
Benefits to Part 3
Speed up your development without it being heavy or overwhelming you.
Let go of blockages more quickly and directly.
See clearly in which direction to move forward.
Avoid detours, distractions, and going backwards.
Be able to assess the level of other people to see whether they will be able to help you or are more likely to hinder you.

Part 4: Latitude

Explore the 5 states of consciousness.
Integrate the feminine principle in your journey as a lightbearer.
Explore new models of community and interconnectedness.
The love meridian – how love can dynamically impact all areas of our life, starting with ourselves.
The kindness meridian – how to bring kindness into enterprise, with a look at social impact, caring as a way of life, win-win-win approaches and partnerships.
Work towards integrated relationships.
Benefits to Part 4
Allow kindness and love to be a fully integrated part of your personal and professional life.
Activate the natural impulse for integrated relationships in your life and put an end to old fashioned relationship suffering.
Let go of striving and having to do it all alone, and allow help and support into your life.
Embrace your physical/material life and your humanity.

Part 5: Landmarks

Personalise your base map with your unique qualities and aspirations.
Reveal your personal expansion points and identify your areas of mastery and integration.
Activate your next development steps.
Clarify the year ahead in all areas of your life through one simple understanding.
Benefits to Part 5
Be able to make immediate significant steps in your life without having all the details worked out yet.
Whatever area you choose to work on will simultaneously benefit all the other areas of your life
Have a powerful sense of being led by your potential rather than being pushed by needs.
Know exactly what you need to clarify and what is already clear in your life.
Avoid confusion and repetition.
Have a blueprint for the next year of your life which can grow with you.

About the instructor

Sarah McCrum

Hi, I’m Sarah. I teach people how to care for their personal energy so they never burn out. Ultimately my goal is for you to have an outstanding personal and business life - combining success with happiness and inner peace.

I trained with Chinese masters for 22 years, spent 10 years making radio programmes for the BBC and in 2000 I created a business that brought this knowledge to thousands of leaders of large and small businesses in London (including Virgin Media, HP, the global leaders of banks and financial institutions and many others).

I now live in Melbourne, Australia, and I coach 7 figure business owners and their teams, along with leaders in some large corporations.

What's included?

14 Videos
1 Multimedia
2 Texts
10 PDFs
20.0 hrs

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