This course is for you if you are looking for a job and would like to feel relaxed, confident and at your natural best in interviews.

It has a series of recorded audio relaxations to help you with each stage of the job interview process. People using these relaxations have told us that they feel great during interviews - without stress or nerves - and they report that it has helped them get the job they really want.

"I found the recordings very helpful, I was performing better in interviews, I was putting less pressure on myself and worrying less about how I had performed in interviews. I listened to the Dealing with Disappointments a few times, and although it made me sad at first, this passed after a while and I was able to focus on the future. Since listening to the recordings I have secured a new role."" Naresh, UK

"The motivation and quality sleep tracks were most helpful for me as they kept my focus and I think this affected my interactions with others as I applied for jobs and went to my last and most successful interview. It also helped me to feel better about the job that I was trying to leave and the people there. I accepted a job on the 28th Jan, started on the 25th Feb and am loving it!!!"

"The recordings definitely helped me to relax, and I still use the Keeping Motivated recording because it is one of the best I have come across. I think generally I felt more relaxed about things in my life as I had listened to the recording for a couple of months on a regular basis so it had become part of my daily routine for a good while. I did get the role I went for." Angela, UK

"Your products are professional, content is excellent." Nanette M Carroll, non Executive Director, Workpac Group

About the instructor

Sarah McCrum

Hi, I’m Sarah. I teach people how to care for their personal energy so they never burn out. Ultimately my goal is for you to have an outstanding personal and business life - combining success with happiness and inner peace.

I trained with Chinese masters for 22 years, spent 10 years making radio programmes for the BBC and in 2000 I created a business that brought this knowledge to thousands of leaders of large and small businesses in London (including Virgin Media, HP, the global leaders of banks and financial institutions and many others).

I now live in Melbourne, Australia, and I coach 7 figure business owners and their teams, along with leaders in some large corporations.

What's included?

2 Surveys
1 Text
6 Audios
2.5 hrs

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